Use microsoft word for transcription

Update: Nov 5th, 2013

By Laura Naumann

Microsoft Word is very user friendly.  It offers many useful features, including a free word expander and spell checker.  I use Word for everything and cut and paste if I need to use a different platform.

Word offers a built in word expander with its autocorrect and autotext features.  These features can be set up to meet your individualized needs.  For example, I always seem to type expecially instead of especially.  I simply set up auto correct to change this.  Now I don’t have to worry about being careful when I hear especially and expecially doesn’t show up in my spell check.  Another example: One of my regular doctors includes a “procedure note” when he performs an injection during an office visit.  This procedure note varies only in the number of cc’s each injection contains.  I put the entire procedure (minus the cc’s) under auto text.  As soon as I begin typing PROC a box will appear directly above where I am typing, I hit enter and the entire text is inserted.

Helpful hint:  I also include difficult to reference words that I have trouble spelling in my autocorrect list (example: zeloda is automatically corrected to Xeloda.)

Word also offers spelling and grammar check features.  Instructions for using spell and grammar check can be found below.  Spelling and grammar can be found under the tools tab in earlier versions of Word.

To check spelling and grammar in Word

1.   Open a Word document that needs to be checked.

2.   On the Review tab, in the Proofing group, click Spelling & Grammar.

3.   The Spelling and Grammar dialog box appears.  The first suggested correction is highlighted.

4.   Use the following buttons to check your spelling and grammar:

Ignore once – ignore this word once, but check it again

Ignore all- Ignore this word throughout the document.

Ignore rule- Ignore this rule throughout the document.

Next sentence – Check the next sentence.

Add to Dictionary – Include this word in the program’s dictionary.

Change- Use the suggested word in the suggestions pain.

Change all – Use the suggested word to change all instances of the word.

Explain – See an explanation for the suggested change.

Auto correct – Use the first suggested word each time you click auto correct.

Check grammar  – Correct the grammar in this document.

Undo – Undo the change.

Options – Select how the program corrects spelling and grammar for all documents.


1.   I find it very distracting if the errors show up as I am typing (red lines under spelling errors and green lines under grammatical errors,) so I hide spelling and grammatical errors in all documents.

2.   Medical terms, medications, etc. will not be part of Word’s standard dictionary.  The first time the word is used it will need to be “added.”

3.   I ignore capitalization and most punctuation to increase my transcription speed because I know those errors will come up in the spelling and grammar check.

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