Free transcriptionist word expander

Update: Nov 5th, 2013

How to create your own free transcription word expander in Microsoft Word:

Provided by Laura Naumann

1.       Make a reference list of words or phrases you commonly type over and over (patient, complaints, etc.)

2.       Decide on a set of letters you can easily remember.  Try to pick repetitive letters such as bb – which I use for bilateral – bbb is bilaterally.  Remember not to pick letter sets that are used for other abbreviations such as cc or ii.  Of course as you transcribe reports you will be adding additional words as needed.

3.       Keep the list handy to your workstation to reference as you memorize your codes.

4.       Open a Microsoft Word document.  The buttons you will be using are autotext and autocorrect, which are under the tools tab.  Use autocorrect as described above, where I “replaced” bb “with” bilateral.  I need only to hit bb, followed by the enter key and the word bilateral will be inserted into the text.  Use autotext for longer text such as “The patient is alert and oriented times 3.”  As I am typing the autotext will appear in a box above the cursor.  I need only hit the enter key and the autotext is inserted.

Helpful hint: I sometimes transcribe independent medical examinations where the date of injury is repeated several times. I always use input that date in auto correct the first time it is used under aaa. Sometimes I am even able to pick up an intentional error by the physician when he uses the wrong date.

For your convenience I have included my autocorrect and autotext entries under this category.  Please see my autocorrect/autotext suggestion list.

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