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Update: Nov 5th, 2013

By Laura Naumann

I am self-employed and work from home as a medical transcriptionist independent contractor. I get my transcription files through an agency and am paid by the typed line. I am really happy with the setup because rather than getting files from a variety of different physicians I have basically three regularly assigned doctors. I don’t have to get used to different specialty terms, speaking voices or regional dialects and I am able program my word expander with entire paragraphs of their standard dictation.

One of the drawbacks to having a regular group of doctors is the feast-or-famine effect. Even though they are located in different states and practice different branches of medicine my three doctors seem to follow the same dictation schedule. They even seem to vacation at the same time.

Nothing is more frustrating than signing in first thing in the morning and then watching dictation files dribble in, enough transcription files that I can’t take the day off but not enough transcription files to keep me busy. I used to fill the gaps of time with browsing Ebay, playing solitaire or updating my Facebook page. I always felt guilty for wasting time that could be spent making money until I found the perfect way to supplement medical transcription earnings.

Because I work from home as a medical transcriptionist I’m pretty much tied to my computer. Files that come in need to be accepted and completed in a timely fashion while STAT files require immediate attention. To supplement transcription earnings I needed something I could do from my home office.

It was something I saw on TV that prompted me to look into freelance content writing. In the complicated world of Internet site page rankings continuously updated content and strategic use of key words is the name of the game. The demand for quality web content and content writers is rapidly increasing. Much like medical transcriptionists content writers are typically freelance and work from home.

Freelance content writing opportunities are numerous and readily available. There are several options for aspiring content writers, including the large job boards. There are 9 listings for web content writers listed today on Monster.com and there are 16 pages of content writer listings on Careerbuilder.com. Opportunities for writers can even be found on Craig’s list, although I would check those out carefully. Early on I made the mistake of submitting “writing samples” that I think were pirated.

One source for writing assignments that I can vouch for is Associated Content. This site basically allows you to self-publish articles on a wide variety of subjects. You aren’t paid at the time of publication but rather by the number of page views your article receives. This site is really catching on. I notice Associated Content articles coming up more and more when I am doing research for a project. I don’ have any real experience with Associated Content but my sister has published quite a few informational articles.

The only source for freelance content writing jobs that I can wholeheartedly endorse is Textbroker.com. Through personal experience I know that there is a huge selection of daily assignments and I have always been paid on time for my articles. In order to become an author for Textbroker you must submit a writing sample. I actually used a page from this website. The article will be evaluated and you will be assigned a number rating of 1 through 5, which will establish your pay rate. An author rated at 4 I was initially paid .015/$ per word or $1.50 for every hundred words.

Textbroker has strict standards. Each article submitted is evaluated and rated by an editor. I must admit that through my incorrect use of commas I was dropped to a 3 rating after the first month or so, which brought me down to 0.10/word. I really found that I am more comfortable with the articles rated at 3. I can usually write an article in this category without having to do any time consuming research.

For years my morning routine has been getting up before everyone else so I can read the newspaper in peace while I drink a couple cups of coffee. Now I go on Textbroker right afterwards and usually find an assignment that is directly related to something I read in the paper. Another of my favorite assignment categories is TV where I actually get to give my opinion on a current television show. There are also categories for movies, music and even shopping. You would be amazed how little time it takes to write a 200-word article on your favorite sitcom or the last movie you watched.

Your Textbroker account will be credited as soon as the client has accepted your article. To date I have written 147 articles and have never had any rejected. You can request payout on the 5th and 20th of each month and the funds are quickly transferred to your Paypal account. The amount of assignments I take depends mostly on how much I’m waiting for transcription files but I have gotten 2-week payouts from textbroker ranging from $20 to $200.

There are so many daily assignments on textbroker that I’m not the least bit hesitant to pass on my secret for supplementing my transcription earnings. Here’s a link to the site http://www.textbroker.com/index.php


10/05/2012 – Todat I got an email from textbroker  about the large number of assigments available.  I must admit this is the first time I’ve gotten a request to visit their site.  I logged on and indeed there were thousands of orders, including team orders.  It’s a good time to be writing for textbroker.


11/2/2012 – There are still a lot of assignments at textbroker.com, especially in the 4 category.

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