Autocorrect/autotext suggestion list

Update: Nov 5th, 2013

Provided by Laura Naumann

These are words and phrases that the physicians I transcribe for use frequently.  I encourage you to personalize it with items that you run across frequently.    There are abbreviations for almost all medical terms and fortunately these have odd letters that aren’t used in everyday language, which makes them perfect for autotext.  Examples – dx, bx, tx

 Autocorrect master list:

abb- ankle brachial index

abbb- ankle brachial indices

aoo – alert and oriented times 3

adl – activities of daily living

ap- AP

aii- anti-inflammatory

app- approximately

aas- assessment

atc- around-the-clock

att- at this point

attt- at this point, I am recommending

bb- bilateral

bbb- bilaterally

bid- b.i.d.

bmi- body mass index

ccc- chiropractic care

cccc- conservative care measures

ccs- cervical spine

cmm- current medication regimen

coo- continues

dcc- discomfort

dd- demonstrates

ddd- degenerative disc disease

ddi- diagnostic imaging

dhh- disc herniation

dii- drainage, inflammation or infection

dpp- disc protrusion

dx- diagnosis

emg- EMG nerve conduction study

fcc- for further clinical follow-up at that time

fgg- fluroscopic guidance

fjj- facet joint

fx- fracture

ggg- largely

hx- history

ijj- injection

lgg- left-greater-than-right

lis- lumbar epidural injection

lls- lumbar spine

lss- left-sided

mm- mild-to-moderate

mmm- moderate-to-severe

ng- negative

nka- no known drug allergies

nnn- normal neurologic examination.

nsnd- non-smoker and a non-drinker

nss- Normal Saline Solution

ntt- non-tender to palpation 

otc- over-the-counter

pcp- primary care physician

pp- persistent

prn- p.r.n.

ps- positive

pt- physical therapy

pvv- peripheral vascular disease

qid- q.i.d.

qq- complaints

qqq- complains

rrr- range of motion

rgg- right-greater-than-left

rss- right-sided

rx- prescription

sffa- superficial femoral artery

sg- significant

sp- status post

ss- spinal stenosis

sx- surgery

tgg- trigger point injection

tid- t.i.d.

tt- tenderness to palpation 

ttts- thoracic spine

ugg- ultrasound guidance

urr- unremarkable

uu- unchanged

wnl- within normal limits

xr- x-ray

xrr- x-rays

xx- extremity

xxx- extremities

yo- -year-old



Some of my autotext entries:

Clinical examination today demonstrates a well-developed, well-nourished 

denies the loss of bowel or bladder control

full-time, full-duty

greater trochanteric bursa

grossly intact sensation to light touch

manipulation under anesthesia

motor vehicle accident

Neurovascular examination today demonstrates

No recent weight loss, weight gain or constitutional symptoms.

normal, nonantalgic gait

numbness and tingling

on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the most severe pain imaginable

operative procedure was discussed in great depth and detail.  The risks were discussed.

posterior superior iliac spine

twice per day with food



TIP:  As you are working identify words that you find difficult to type and add them to your autotext list.  Examples from my list:  up-to-date and the medication Hydrochlorothiazide.


TIP – When I’m typing an Independent Medical Examination that refers to the date of accident several times throughout the text I start out by programming this date into my auto correct.  This not only saves me time but allows me to check the doctor in case he makes a mistake on the date of accident.

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