Largest medical transcription employers

Update: Jun 5th, 2013

I like to keep up with any type of developments in my field so I subscribe to Google new alerts for medical transcription and medical transcriptionist.  Sometimes I get an interesting tidbit of information but mostly I get financial reports and  business updates.

Over the years I’ve read scores of articles about one transcription agency buying out another.  For a while it seemed like Transcend Services was being very aggressive about taking over their competitors.  Likewise Nuance Communications reported numerous acquisitions.  Today’s medical  transcription newsflash is the $300 million Nuance is offering to buy out  Transcend.


So I wonder is Nuance trying to take over the industry?  If this deal goes through will Nuance be the largest medical transcription employer in America?  I did a little research and found that in 2011 Nuance reported 7300 employees while Transcend reported 891, so together a little more than 8000 transcriptionists will be employed by Nuance if the deal goes through.  Nuance still won’t be the
biggest medical transcription employer though, as Medquist (now known as M Modal) reported 12,000  employees in 2011.


Latest newsflash on M Modal – 8/16/2012

One Equity Partners agreed in July to purchase M Modal for over 1 billion.  This is a  subsidy of JP Morgan Chase.

6/5/2013 – Mmodal announced that their present CEO has left the company and a new one will be taking over.


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